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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 17, 2016 11:37pm-12:05am MST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, inside the final 30. rigged? donald trump telling his supporters the fix is in. >> it's a rigged election. it's rigged like you've never seen before. >> doubling down in an abc news interview. >> there's tremendou v fraud. and we really want it stopped. >> and melania breaking her silence to defend her husband. >> he's not demanded, i know. meet the trumpettes, the high-society women standing by their man. >> he's superman, he's a hero. >> pointing fingers at the media. >> we want to talk issues, they want to talk nasty talk. >> unfazed by that video.
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good evening. thanks for joining us. today donald trump doubling dun on his explosive yet unsubstantiated charge that the election is rigged. just hours ago his wife melania defending her husband. she's not alone. despite the vulgarity we heard on that leaked tape and accumulating accusations of trump's inappropriate behavior, there are still women who remain very much in support of his candidacy. here's abc's nick watt in our elti "inside the final 30." >> women for trump! >> reporter: quip for trump sticking by their candidate, despite that "access hollywood" tape. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> reporter: despite those eight women now alleging inappropriate sexual advances from their trump, many of his female supporters unfazed. >> trump framed! >> guys don't go to hooters for
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straight. >> why now? what is driving them at this point now to come forth and say something? >> reporter: melania trump asking that same question tonight in an interview on cnn. dismissing her husband's words in that now-infamous tape as boy talk. >> the boys, the way they talk when they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, oh, this and that and talking about the girls. but yeah, i was surprised, of course who defended himself tonight. speaking with abc. >> have you crossed the line in the past with women ever? >> i don't think so, i have great respect for women. i have tremendous respect for women. >> reporter: we want to find out, have the latest headlines turned trump's most loyal female supporters against him? >> hillary takes the money like a big sellout -- >> reporter: a few weeks ago the
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trumpettes were die-hards. >> superman, he's a hero. >> reporter: well heeled, wealthy women stump for trump. >> you're a deplerable adorable. you're a deplorable adorable. there are a lot of people that say they're not going to vote for trump because they don't want to say that. and when they go in the booth and close the thing they're going to go, trump. >> with all the inside news, this is tony hilton hollywood. >> reporter: tony halt kramer, one-time entertainment reporter. adorn her bel air mansion. she claims to be the founder of the trumpettes. >> 2001. >> you gave hillary a silver frame. >> i did. >> apparently, that's what she's thanking you for? >> i must have gone to her house for dinner. i did go to her house for dinner. >> reporter: they were, according to toni, friends. this is her housekeeper maria. >> do you feel you have to be a trumpette? >> i'm not belongs to that group because i'm not a millionaire,
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i'm republican. so this is what -- i'm going to vote for him. >> reporter: carol conners, a successful songwriter and singer with the teddy bears. ? if you love love love him ? >> reporter: finally, ronda. >> i'm fund-raising. >> how much did you raise? >> i'm not -- i don't think i can tell you that. i can't say those things. i'm doing well, though. >> hi, everybody, another installment of "usa up all night." she used to host "up all night." now a very successful lingerie entrepreneur. >> female intuition. strong female -- listen, this group of women, we've been through a lot. >> we recorded those interviews before that now-infamous tape leaked so i'm going to head back to bel air to see if toni the
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ignacio, who's producing this story, heading to florida to speak to ran de. >> she last spoke with nick before the trump tape was released. that night she ended up texting me. i know it's late but i am mortified at the new comments that trump made. she went on to say, unless they make pence the presidential candidate, i may not be able to continue to stand for trump. >> i'm very, very, very, very proud to have my trump/pence sign on the front lawn, although they do get >> reporter: is she back on the trump train? >> i was mortified that the tape came out at that time. i felt like, wow, you know. if pence perhaps is the presidential candidate, then maybe all of this would calm down. no. no. i mean, it did calm down for me very quickly. it wasn't a shock what he said. it was a shock that it came out because don't doubt the hillary campaign put that out. >> reporter: all the while trump is doubling down his claims that the system is rigged.
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this weekend alone. >> it's a rigged system. it's a rigged election. it's rigged like you've never seen before. they take these lies and they put them on front pages. this is a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: in the latest abc/"washington post" poll, clinton is only 4 points up on trump. up just 2 points from before all this hit the news. >> once these revelations emerged, he just started spending most of his time on the attack. >> the election is >> attacking these women, attacking especially the media, talking about lies, lies, lies, lies. and the point of that is to excite his base and get them enthusiastic and out to the polls. >> reporter: at her home in st. petersburg, ronda is still hosting fund-raisers for the ump/pence ticket. >> i happen to have a few friends here, though, that are women. women that have heard all those
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and look, all of these trumpettes who are still and have not changed their mind and are completely for donald trump. >> reporter: we did reach out to carol conners. she says since hearing the leaked tapes she's now an undecided voter. says she's not officially a trumpette anymore. but still supports her friends. today, a united on >> i think they're paid to do this -- >> she's a liar, you can see it in her face. >> absolutely. >> if i didn't have a brother or cousin that i'd overheard, maybe i'd have been shocked. >> i am on facebook and all over social media and i express my feelings about trump. i am completely slashed, put down, called stupid when people don't even know me, that i'm educated, what i've done as a woman. >> reporter: they like the candidate blame us in the media for trump's troubles.
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tell the truth. >> let me just tell you about these women that are coming out of the woodwork, hello, i lived in hollywood 27 years. i was chased around desks. you know what you do? you walk out. i don't want to hear these women, i'm a victim. yes, there's no doubt someone can get raped and that's a whole different situation. but if someone's coming on to you, you have the ability to scream out to the person next to you at the bar, hey, this guy's doing this, help me. if you're not doing that, then you're an idiot. >> reporter: on the other side of the country, i'm at toni >> that initial tape, him on the bus, what did you think when you heard what he said? >> well, what would you think? no woman would like to hear that, but nevertheless, that was 11 years ago. he did apologize. he did say he was sorry. most of the men that you know at times have made off-color remarks. >> i've never, ever heard a friend of mine boasting about sexual assault. ever. period. >> maybe you haven't been
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inappropriate behavior? >> it's not important to me whether she was assaulted. how do i know what happened? and i'm not even going to go there. it's a campaign. i have to say, it's a campaign to annihilate mr. trump. and mr. trump is the only one getting back to the issues. who cares about these women? i don't know their background, you don't know their background, i don't want to know. what i do know is that mr. trump is only doing this for one because he loves america. >> reporter: a new poll showing 68% of women believe donald trump probably has made unwanted sexual aadvances towards women. but two-thirds of registered voters male and female say the 11-year-old "access hollywood" tape does not affect their vote. >> at times men can be a little blustery and donald is an alpha male. he definitely is. and i've always had dogs that are alpha. so i think i know how to handle
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especially women that are single or women that are divorced or widowed or whatever. they need a kind of strong male who is out for them. and he will do that. >> reporter: meanwhile, ronda and some other trumpettes are en route to a mike pence event. we still want to talk about the top of the ticket. >> okay, so he's got the braggadocios side, so what? guy dozen that. someone like donald trump who's a good-looking man didn't have women are calling all day, every day, people try to get to donald trump -- >> very exciting. really quick, you're a beautiful lady, what's your name? >> samantha. >> what do you expect to hear tonight and why are you here tonig tonight? >> i'm here because he's going to be a great vp. he's a great speaker. i'm just looking forward to it. >> you want donald trump to win? >> i'm supporting pence and i'm
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nominee. so yes. i want trump to win. >> good. >> reporter: he may not be the main man tonight, but the veep candidate, he'll do. >> our thanks to nick watt. watch the final presidential debate wednesday here on abc at 9:00 p.m. eastern. up next, to have and to hold on. we're with a couple taking wedding photos to new heights. by willie nelson ] ? on the road again ? r" [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ? on the road again ? ? like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ? [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge!
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are you one of those people who always dreamed of getting married on a hilltop? how about dangling off the side of a mountain?
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memories, this photographer takes the wedding cake. here's abc's kendis gibson. >> pull it tight. >> reporter: it's just before sunrise. only two days after tyler and hillary callisto's wedding. the newly married couple gearing up and rappelling down for the photo shoot of a-time. lifetime. this is extreme wedding photography. swopping i do for don't look down. >> that's perfect. >> reporter: jay and vicki are the husband and wife duo create these dramatic cliffside shots. their subjects snapped hundreds of feet above the ground on cathedral ledge in new hampshire. >> i look pretty there. >> reporter: vertigo-inducing work that is gone viral grabbing headlines on websites like "the kn knot" and "cass mow politan." drawing attention from couples in the market for a wedding photographer. >> a picture came up of a couple
11:56 pm
that's real? >> looked too incredible to be real. >> reporter: no stranger to altitude, he's a pilot and one of their first dates was a private plane ride around new england. fresh off i do, they're now getting ready for their mountaintop photo shoot. >> looking at me, hillary -- >> reporter: even for this daring couple, it's a little anxiety-inducing. >> you're nervous? >> uh. it's all right. >> i'm going to be nervous too. but i just like to do things like this. >> it could be a very short marriage. >> oh, wow. >> this is our >> reporter: jay is completely confident. >> when you first saw that space did you have an ah-ha moment? >> i don't know what it is but something in me always wanted to put somebody on that ledge in a big dramatic gown. and i think it was just the juxtaposition of the beautiful subject there in the starkness of the cliff. >> this particular area, it's 400 feet up, that's jaw-dropping. what's the reaction been like ever since you've been doing
11:57 pm
irresponsible it is. and as far as the danger goes, statistically it's really -- the most danger we're all going to be in tomorrow is driving to and from the cliff. >> everybody's harnessed in. she's got a harness on -- >> reporter: sessions run couples $1150. >> the other thing that was difficult, again, that esgthese guys aren't climbers. we have to get them looking happy and she's not happy. >> reporter: he's hoping hillary and tyson will be all smiles for their photo we meet at zero dark 30. >> definitely can't see over the edge. >> reporter: jay worried about the elements. >> looks like no chance of rain, except for the fog. hopefully that will burn off once the sun comes up. >> reporter: they prep the props. >> i'm changing on the ledge into my dress. >> did you realize how small that ledge is? >> yeah a little bit of wiggle room there. >> reporter: including stuffing the designer wedding dress into a backpack.
11:58 pm
before the ceremony. >> it's why you don't do it in front of the bride. >> reporter: hillary's strapped in and ready to go over the edge with the help of a mountain guy. >> put all your weight on the rope and feel it give a little bit -- >> you on hillary? >> she's gone. all that darkness. >> reporter: tyson follows. now the rush is on to get in place for the sunrise shot. >> okay, i'm coming down. then if you get the light. we'll use that sunrise. how are you two lovebirds doing down there? >> the team manages to get a few good photos but the fog rises again from the valley, covering them all in a cloud of white. >> i'm just hoping it clears up enough so i can get shots from here. >> reporter: jay gets creative and works with the weather. >> they're lit dramatically. you can see the fog with the outline of the cliff disappearing down into nothing. >> reporter: he still doesn't have what he came for.
11:59 pm
the perfect shot. >> reporter: the couple cliffside for hours. >> nice and slow. >> reporter: eventually tyson calls it quits. >> good job, tyson. >> reporter: just as he's coming up -- >> you might be opening up again. >> i want wide ones, get the valley. >> reporter: the team rushes to get some solo shots of hillary. >> unreal, hillary. turn this way a little bit. awesome. just keep doing that. oh, too cool. way to go. it's not easy to do. unbelievable. awesome. it's great, we got the valley. >> got the valley shot, nice job. >> way good. way good. easy. you're there. whoo! nice work. way to go. >> thank you, guys. that was so much fun. the view is incredible. i felt like i was right there. in the middle of it all.
12:00 am
>> it was awesome. we did it! >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm kendis gibson in north conway, new hampshire. when we come back, the good samaritans who staged a daring rescue when an elderly woman
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a 68-year-old woman discovered a trio of guardian angels when she drove her car into a pond. >> check it out! differently. an elderly woman trapped inside a sinking suv after accidentally driving into this massachusetts pond. but this time -- >> go to your back window! >> a good samaritan jumps into the water. opening the door. >> you've got to come out! >> the vehicle quickly starts to take on water and submerges. >> i lost her! i lost her! >> but then --


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